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Accurate Data Recovery Services
is an industry leader in data recovery and we service customers, mostly by referral, throughout the World. We are especially recommended by our U.S. customers for our rapid evaluation (usually less than one day). We specialize exclusively in providing reliable, data recovery services for all types of rigid disk, diskette, tape and optical storage media.

Our data recovery engineers are hard drive (factory trained), anti virus experts, Novell CNE, UNIX and Windows NT Product Specialists and they are supplied with the latest technological advantages including:

  • Latest diagnostic hardware which allows us to collect failure data analysis to provide you with detailed reports.
  • High speed data mirroring stations.
  • Novell 3.1, 4.1 and 5 network.
  • Windows NT, W2k server and workstation.
  • Macintosh workstations on a Novell backbone.

Data Recovery Home

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