1 - Complete the following form.
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3 - Sign the printed form and fold all 3 copies, then place them under the air way bill. 
- Commercial Invoice ( ECI ) -
Date of Exportation: Air Waybill No:  
Shipper / Exporter: Consignee / Importer:
Country of Destination:   Export Reference:

No. of Packages:

  Harmonized Code:

Complete Description of Goods:

Country of Origin: Marks & Numbers:


Unit value (USD):
Total Value (USD):  

For the goods listed above that originate in North America. " We hereby certify that these goods qualify as originating merchandise under the NAFTA Rules of Origin". These commodities, were exported from the US in accordance with the export administration regulations. Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited. ST1100

I declare all information containted in this invoice to be true and correct.
Authorized Signature:
Sender Name and Title: