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introduction.GIF (1462 bytes)Nothing can stop your hard drive from crashing when its time is due. Fortunately the data recovery engineers at Accurate Data Recovery are true subsystem "experts" in this field and they can recover data from disks and tape that have suffered:

  • Natural Disasters: fire, heat, smoke, flooding by broken pipes, sprinklers, rain, etc.
  • Software Corruption: accidental erasure or reformat, virus infection, power surge, etc.
  • Hardware Failure: damaged motors, actuators, bad controllers, head failure, etc.
  • Deliberate Acts: computer crime, vandalism, sabotage, etc.
  • Tape & Cartridge Failure: broken or worn out tape, misalligned read heads, corrupt catalogs, overwritten failed backups.
  • Laptop & Notebook Specialists: dropped, smashed, crushed or otherwise abused.

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Using the most modern solutions we can provide cost effective and reliable data recovery while minimizing your downtime and inconvenience. That's why Accurate Data Recovery  is recommended by OEM's, computer service companies, government agencies and end-users alike.

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