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1. FREE Telephone E-mail Consultation.

Your initial telephone consultation with one of our Customer Service Technicians will determine the events leading to your data loss, review the actions you've taken and advise you of our data recovery services All subsequent calls during the diagnostic evaluation and data recovery process are also free of charge. We are there for you every step of the way.

2. No Risk FREE Diagnostic Evaluation.

There is no charge for evaluating the condition and recoverability of your data regardless of the time and complexity involved. This includes a thorough written report and a guaranteed price quote for the actual recovery of your data.

3. Guaranteed Data Recovery.

Costs are based on how much work and team member expertise is required for each particular job. Our personalized approach allows you to choose to recover only files that are important to you at a price that's more competitive than anyone in the industry today. A straight forward data recovery job can be as little as $400. You are only obliged to accept jobs where your data was recovered successfully and never more than for the price initially quoted. "No Data No Charge" - if we can't retrieve it - there's no bill and we will return your media in its original condition. Frequent service users are automatically enrolled in our Fast Track Service and additional discounts apply.

4. Free Post Data Recovery Service.

Technical assistance by phone is provided at no additional cost after the return of your media. One of our customer service technicians will check that everything is back to normal and working smoothly. Assistance is also available on the best backup options and Accurate Data has anti virus experts on staff, ready to discuss your virus defenses.

Fast Track Service

Emergency, Weekend and Priority Data Recovery Services are available at additional charges. Please call for details.

Methods of Payment

Accurate Data Recovery accepts the following methods of payment:

  • VISA, Mastercard and American Express
  • Electronic Transfer of Funds
  • International Money Orders
  • Purchase Orders from pre-qualified customers
  • Certified bank drafts

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